Mozzafiato /moz·za·fià·to/ (It.) Breathtaking

The Rustic Charm of Lakeside Living

Welcome to the water! Mozzafiato is envisioned to embody a boating lifestyle – where Taal Lake provides the recreational venue for a variety of watersport activities.

Every time  you get into the water, you decide how to enjoy yourself. Explore nature on the volcano island. Discover the many lakeside towns. Relax and de-stress on your boat or have fun paddleboarding, rowing, wavetubing, or skiing!

Your boat, canoe, or jetski is more than a conversation piece. You get a vacation with endless possibilities anytime you want it. It’s the freedom to get away without the stress of planning or requiring a big budget.

If you tire of the lake, you can always have a quick party on land in your very own home.


Alta Del Lago

The Water Welcomes You Home

Three hundred sixty nine residential lots situated by the banks of Taal lake, complete with amenities such as a clubhouse, basketball and tennis court, and walking trails that allow you to get close to nature.

Porto Palsara

An Oasis By The Lake

Take pleasure in living the boating and marina lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. The lake acts as a recreational venue for various watersports activities and provides endless possibilities, anytime you want it.


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