Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project?

A proposed development that will include distinct residential, marina, and commercial areas anchored by the site’s unique topography and vegetation, and its close proximity to Taal Lake. It is envisioned as a lakeshore community.

What does “Mozzafiato” mean?

Mozzafiato is Italian for “Breathtaking.”

Where is located?

Barangay Palsara, Barangay Makina, Barangay Alangilan, Balete Batangas.

How do I get there?

Via the South Luzon Expressway in Santo Tomas, Batangas through the STAR toll gate via the Balete exit.

What is the estimated travel time?

From Makati (1hr & 15mins / 79.2kms)
From Balete Star Tollgate (10mins / 8.1kms)
From Lipa (15mins / 15.1kms)
Mozzafiato to Robinson’s Lipa (20min / 14.5kms)

What are the landmarks?

Balete Municipal Hall
Balete Police Station
Our Lady of Fatima School
Marian Orchard
Cintai Caritos Garden
Balete Senior Highschool
Nayomi Sanctuary Resort
Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center
Nuestra Senora Dela Paz Chapel
Bulacnin National High School
Tangway Loob Chapel
Tangway  Elementary School
Tangway Lipa Chapel

How big is the area?

77.3 hectares

What is the elevation of the area?

156 meters (highest point)
512 feet